Images From The Oregon Brewer’s Festival

by A.J. Coltrane

Images from the Oregon Brewer’s Festival (Saturday edition).

As with most beer festivals, get there early unless you want to stand all afternoon. We got there at about 11:00, doors opened at 11:30, and tokens went on sale at noon. Nothing kills a perfectly good beer festival more than having to stand for many hours.

We grabbed a location at one end of the south tent, away from the Honey Buckets, away from the lines, and in a good shady spot. We didn’t get jostled much. You can see the Honey Buckets off in the distance.

It was a beautiful weekend, and the tent filled rapidly. So did the beer lines. Note that it wasn’t a total Johnsonfest, which the beer events can tend to be.

Many perfectly passable food options, we went with gyros. The lighter one is chicken.

There was a guy with a Darth Vader helmet and cape, riding a unicycle, playing the bagpipes. (No pic unfortunately.) However, I did get a picture of this.

Welcome to Portland.

4 thoughts on “Images From The Oregon Brewer’s Festival

  1. I read 2 separate reviews of the festival and there were 2 beers that were rated as “best in show” by both of the reviews – Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA (which I think was the best beer we had) and 10 Barrell Raspberry (which I can’t remember if we had or not). Strangely, neither mentioned the Dogfish Head, which I think we all loved also.


  2. 10 Barrell was the longest line I stood in by far, it was very tart and tasted like raspberry (I thought you could freeze it and make a sorbet)


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