Coast to Coast – The Huskies Edition

By Blaidd Drwg

Yesterday was a good day to play for a team named the Huskies.

Huskies East Edition

You won't see these Huskies in the Big Dance next week, but they are a hell of a lot cuter than either UCONN or UDUB

Winning 5 basketball games in 5 days isn’t easy under the best of circumstances, and when you are trying to do it in the Big East Tournament, that may just be the most impressive run in College Basketball history. The 19th ranked Huskies started off the Big East Tourney as the #9 seed, which means they got to play an extra game. Of course, that game was against DePaul, the worst team in the Big East, but they still had to play it and win. Once they disposed of the Blue Demons, they then had to run this gamut (these are the national rankings of their opponents): #22 Georgetown, #3 Pitt, #11 Syracuse and #14 Louisville. Granted they did not win any of those games by more than 3 points, but I don’t care who you are, beating 4 ranked teams in 4 days is amazing to say the least. Despite the big MO in the Huskies corner, I think they are in for a letdown in the second round of the Big Dance.

Huskies West Edition
On the other coast, the Washington Huskies, teetering on the bubble and barely surviving their game against WAZZU managed to take out Arizona and win the Pac10 automatic bid. This probably moved the Huskies up to somewhere around a 7 seed in the tournament, but I can’t figure this team out – some days they play like the team that was ranked earlier in the season and some days they play like they can lose to just about anyone. It should be interesting to see whom they end up matched up against when the seedings are announced later today.

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