When Real Life Imitates a Video Game

By Blaidd Drwg

Back in late November, Fresno State was on a roll – they were undefeated and there was talk of a BCS birth. They had just 2 games left, against the then 5-6 San Jose State Spartans, and then the Mountain West Championship game. In case you are not familiar with Fresno State, they run a very high octane offense, finishing 2013 ranked #1 in FBS Passing Yards (at almost 400 a game) and #6 in points scored (at 43 a game). Defense, however was not their strong point and they gave up about 30 points a game.

Rewind back to November 29th and the San Jose State game. San Jose State is another high-powered offense; ranking #6 is Passing and averaging 32 points a game, coupled with a terrible defense (giving up 35). The game had the making of a video game shootout, which it ended up being. Here are the HALFTIME stats for the game:


1st Downs



3rd down efficiency



4th down efficiency



Total Yards









Yards per pass






Rushing Attempts



Yards per rush









Fumbles lost



Interceptions thrown







The score at the half was 42-41 San Jose State. Combined, both teams managed to rack up just over 1000 yards total offense in just 30 minutes of play. Amazingly, every score in the first half was a touchdown and they were all scored by the offense, so that means that Fresno managed to put up 41 points and 469 yards in just 11 and half minutes of holding the ball. SJSU eventually pulled away and won the game 62-52, ruining Fresno’s BCS hopes, and the teams managed “just” 376 yards of combined offense the rest of the way.

Some other game tidbits:

  • Three of the 4 punts in the game occurred in the first half
  • Neither team started any drive in their opponent’s territory until the last drive of the game when SJSU recovered an onside kick at the Fresno 46 and ran the clock out.
  • The first half had only one drive lasting more than 3 minutes – a 7 play, 77 yard drive by SJSU that took 3:27.
  • Fresno State only had 1 receiver reach 100 yards despite having 516 team passing yards (SJSU had 3 guys reach that total)

It is fun when an actual football game plays out like a video game one.

2014 Bracket of Peril – The Results Show

By Blaidd Drwg

Well, this year’s “Bracket of Peril” was definitely perilous for all of the participants. Not only did no one pick the eventual champion UConn, no one in the pool had more than one final 4 team, and that was a just about everyone and we all had Florida. Most of our fates were sealed during the elite 8 when everyone’s final 4 teams except for Florida were knocked out.

As a result of that, there were 2 players left standing, with the bracket hinging on the Florida-UConn game.  The way it played out JD (sorry, we will only use initials, but you know who you are) had Florida losing the title game and TJ had Florida winning it. Basically, if Florida won the National Championship, TJ would have claimed the CSE title, otherwise we had a tie (I hate total points as the tiebreaker; it is like using rock-paper-scissors or penalty kicks to break a tie). As you know, Florida was upset by UConn, leaving us with the kiss your sister moment of having to crown co-champions in the 2014 Bracket of Peril.

There was much rejoicing.

Congratulations to JD and TJ for surviving, ending the reign of Annie S., and we look forward to you defending your title in 2015 when we introduce even more peril.

Until then, enjoy the accolades that come with winning and this picture of a grail-shaped beacon since we can’t actually afford a real trophy.

Disclaimer: Castle Anthrax not included. There is just too much peril.
Disclaimer: Castle Anthrax not included. There is just too much peril.

What’s in a Name?

By Blaidd Drwg

As if one Wonderful Monds wasn't enough (love the afro)
As if one Wonderful Monds wasn’t enough (love the afro)
There were actually 2 of them.
There were actually 2 of them.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.I think this gets my vote for the worst name in sports. His actual first name is Ha’Sean, according to Wikipedia, which is bad enough, but why the hell would you go by ‘Ha Ha’? I am not even going to touch his last name.

Oh, and he is apparently an NFL prospect. Could you see Roger Goodell going up to the podium and announcing, “With the 23rd pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, saftey,  from the Alabama Crimson Tide,” with a straight face?

Wonderful Terrific Monds (either I or II) he is not. I bet you had no idea that there were 2 guys named Wonderful Terriffic Monds (The father played football and the son baseball).

Edit – I stand corrected, there were actually 3 Wonderful Terriffic Monds. It appears that the football Monds was actually WTM II and the baseball Monds is WTM III.

Bracket Busters and History

By Blaidd Drwg

Is your bracket busted yet? It feels like there are a ton of upsets this year, but if you actually look at the numbers, percentage wise, it isn’t that many. If you don’t count the 8-9 games, which are two supposedly evenly matched teams (even though the 9 seed has historically won something like 54% of these games), higher seeds are 20-8 in the tournament, or have won 71.4% of their games.

This year, it was not a good idea to be a #5 seed as 3 of the 4 teams lost their game with VCU the only team in that seed to survive.
What does this actually mean historically? Well, I took a look at the last 5 NCAA tournament first rounds (including this year), and found that the higher seed (1-7) has won exactly 71.4% of their games. So this year is an exactly average year for upsets. Just for fun, I decided to look at the results by seed for the 5 year period:

Seed Wins Losses
1 20 0
2 17 3
3 18 2
4 15 5
5 10 10
6 10 10
7 10 10
8 12 8
9 8 12
10 10 10
11 10 10
12 10 10
13 5 15
14 2 18
15 3 17
16 0 20

What does it all mean? Well basically it means that any games involving seeds 5-12 are a toss-up and you could probably expect to see a 13, 14 or 15 seed knock off a higher seed at least once in the tournament. The key is picking the right upset.