Beer of the Week: Naked City Mild Davis

By Iron Chef Leftovers

naked-cityThe resurgence of mild beers is nice – they are low alcohol, usually have a nice malty flavor profile and can be very refreshing if they are served on a warm day. They are usually my go to beer when I am looking for something that is lower in alcohol and has a deeper flavor on warmer days. It is even better when served either on nitro or cask, giving the traditional English feel to the beer. It also means that when I see a mild on tap somewhere, I am going to get it. This was the case at Naked City where they had their mild on nitro. It clocked in at just 3.8% ABV.

From the Naked City website:

Our Northwest interpretation of a classic English Style Mild Ale. Mild Davis is brewed with British Pale, Ashburne Mild Malt, Brown Malt, and Crystal. Lightly hopped with Willamette. Served on Nitrogen for an extremely smooth, silky mouthfeel.

The beer pours amber in color with a creamy white head. There is no dominating or defining note on the nose of this beer – mild notes of caramel, malt and toffee all appear but none is overly present. The beer starts off on the palate in a non-descript way with really mild hints of malt before moving into very light caramel and toffee and finishing light with those flavors and just a touch of malty sweetness and a creamy mouth feel. Light in flavor and easy to drink, it was fine but it lacked a bit of depth in character that I like in a mild.

Naked City Mild Davis announces its presence with 2 trumpets out of 5

Beer of the Week: Naked City Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands

By Iron Chef Leftovers

naked-cityBack in the day when they first started, Naked City was really known for Belgian style beers. Over the past few years, they have really expanded both their beer lineup and brewery, so now when you head into their taproom/restaurant, you are faced with a large, something for everyone beer list. The upside of that is when you are looking for a particular style, there is a chance they have it. A recent trip to Naked City on a warm day lead to me wanting something light and refreshing, so I gravitated towards the Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, a blonde ale clocking in at just 5% ABV.

From the Naked City website:

The name is inspired by the final track on Bob Dylan’s brilliant Blonde on Blonde album. One of the many questions this song asks is: “Who among them do you think could resist you?” Made with British Pale, Munich, Wheat, and Crystal Malts, this light, easy-drinking session ale is hopped with Chinook and Styrian Golding. Once you have one pint of this smooth ale, you won’t be able to resist another.

The beer pours pale yellow in color with a significant amount of pilsner malt and slight floral notes and hints of grain on the nose. The beer starts off with a slight malty sweetness before showing significant pilsner character and touches of fruit. The finish is pleasant, with a malt start and finishing with hints of pilsner with a slightly floral character. The beer is pretty nondescript but pleasant and easy to drink on a warm summer day. I just wish it had a bit more depth beyond the significant pilsner character.

Naked City’s Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands tunes its guitar to 2 Rainy Day Women out of 5.